What is ChipNGift?

We all want to offer a unique gift that will be fondly remembered for all the times to come. But surely, it is not so simple. Choosing a perfect gift and purchasing one is a tiring process, especially if when it comes to the cost of buying that ideal gift. All of us have gone on this unenviable mission at some point in time or the other. When it comes to gifting, it is more of a chore that you have to undertake!! So what if we told you that we have invented an easy, hassle free and a truly spectacular way of gifting??

Guess you are itching to know more!!

“ChipNGift” is a whole new way of giving and receiving your gift. Though gift registries are prevalent in other parts of the world, group gifting is a total novel concept conceived by us for the first time in the world, if you may!! It gives the gifter an opportunity to actually gift something that the recipient truly wants, and not somerecycled, unwanted, duplicate and wasteful gifts. The site allows friends, family and colleagues to ChipIn toward joint gift(s), making the process simple, fun and rewarding for all.
Now, how does that sound for a truly exciting idea??…Chip in for Gifting….”ChipNGift”!!!

How it works:
You create an event on the website and share the invite with your friends and family. The event can be anything from your buddy’s birthday, big fat wedding or a “Migrating to the US” party…

All Subscribe and Chip in:
What happens next is all invited get to RSVP for the event and all also get a chance to chipin towards your desired gift.

End result:
Wasn’t that fun? It was stress free, everything handled smoothly online and you gave or got a coveted gift……..after all, everybody loves “Santa Claus”!!